Our Community

At MAS, we believe supporting kids in reaching their potential takes a village. That's why we offer a variety of wraparound services to support our families in giving our students what they need to succeed:

  • Free uniforms

  • Free before- and after-school programs that extend the day to 7:00am to 6:00pm at its maximum

  • Three free, hot meals each day

  • Free dental clinics, immunizations, and in-school nursing services

  • Free college trips, applications, and entrance materials like the SAT

  • Free tutoring with our teachers

  • Free bus transportation along five routes across the city of Albuquerque, and free city bus passes

  • Free school supplies

  • Free growing sports offerings

  • Referrals and connections to local and state programs through our full-time social work services

  • Other supports as our families' needs arise

All of these services are available to all our students, regardless of their or their families' income eligibility. We're here to help your child succeed, no matter what!