College and Career

At MAS, we strive to show every one of our students that they’re college-bound by offering a college preparatory program for all. We believe college prep should ensure our students are academically and socially prepared for the rigors of college, ready to succeed in college-level coursework without remedial gateway courses. But it should also prepare them to understand the spoken and unspoken rules that govern college life. Here, you’ll find some ways we make sure MAS graduates are college-ready.

College Trips

MAS students take at least one college trip each year, beginning in their sixth-grade year through 11th grade--all at no charge to families. We do this to give them several opportunities to see many different kinds of schools: two-year and four-year institutions, private colleges, state universities, small schools, and large schools. By seeing different campuses in person, students can begin the process of deciding which school will best meet their academic needs.

We also guide our students to think beyond the academics. While on campus, students tour dorms to see college living options firsthand. They visit the financial aid or scholarship office to learn about how to pay for college. They step inside actual classrooms and lecture halls to see how class size varies from school to school, to help them consider how this factors into their decision. They also visit various student services on campus, like the student clinic, library, student activities office, and more to help them understand college life. 

As students enter high school, we further specialize college tours by department or major, to help students as they narrow down options for majors they’re interested in and programs different schools offer.

The vast majority of our students will be first-generation college students. Taking college trips is just one of the ways we help our students bridge the gap between high school and college--and show them the dream of college can be a reality. We fully finance all of our college trips, so all students can experience this opportunity.

Milestone Test Prep

High school students receive test prep class instruction daily, to prepare them for the Accuplacer, required for CNM class placement, the PSAT, and the SAT, the state's high school assessment. While we know test scores aren't the be-all and end-all of a student's school career, we also know that these are important milestones that can decide whether a door opens to a student.

Like almost everything we do at MAS, our students are not financially responsible for any testing opportunity. Accuplacer, PSAT, and SAT test administration fees are fully financed by MAS Charter Schools for all students, regardless of income eligibility.

Dual Credit Courses

New Mexico high school students also have the option to enroll in college courses through dual credit programs, where the credit they earn counts toward their high school diploma and a post-secondary degree or certificate simultaneously.

Dual credit courses present a unique opportunity to gain exposure to college courses with MAS team support, all while earning credit toward a valuable credential. In the spring semester of their freshman year, all MAS high school students take a college placement test called the Accuplacer so they can enroll in dual credit coursework. Our team of college and career counselors work closely with high school students to assess them and support them in registering for their dual credit courses.

And again, like the other aspects of our college preparation program, tuition and course materials for these classes are all covered by MAS, so all of our students can be successful dual credit students!

College Admissions and Financial Aid Support

At MAS, our team of college and career counselors meet individually with students to support them with the admissions process to the colleges of their choice. Students are expected to apply to and be accepted by at least two colleges by the fall of their senior year. College and career counselors also meet with students and their families to support them in completing their financial aid applications.

Our College and Career Team

College & Career Counselor: Amy Baker  

College & Career Counselor: Andrea Boltwood

College & Career Counselor: Jana Cappadona


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