Founder/CEO: JoAnn Mitchell
Chief Operating Officer: Christopher Eide 
Executive Assistant: Jennifer Felix
Director of School Operations: Angela Salas
Director of External Affairs: Sara Fitzgerald
Director of Special Education Services: Jennifer Peña
Facilities Manager: Tiffany Gutierrez
STARS Coordinator/Registrar: Essence Johnson
Purchasing Manager: Angelica Felix
Bilingual Attendance + Enrollment Secretary: Sandra Rivas
Talent Recruitment Specialist: Jay Rake
Human Resources Manager: Lucero Pinon
Bilingual Secretary (MAS 1.0): Elena Felix 
Bilingual Secretary (MAS 1.0): Kassandra Rodriguez
Bilingual Secretary (MAS 2.0): Melissa Becerra
Bilingual Secretary and Translator (MAS 1.0): Jacqueline Serna

Academic Coaches

Science Coach, Grades 4-12: Anthony Chipre 

Elementary Reading Mastery Coach: Allysha White

Pre-K Coordinator: Adrianna Day

Wit & Wisdom/Math Coach (Old Coors): Carrie Ortiz 

Math Coach, Grades 6-12: Emily vanDyck

Achievement First Reading Coach: Kristina Squire


College and Career Counseling

College & Career Counselor: Charlotte Romero 

College & Career Counselor: Amy Baker  

College & Career Counselor: Andrea Boltwood



Head Custodian (MAS 1.0): David Trujillo
Custodian (MAS 1.0): Elias Aguirre
Custodian (MAS 1.0): Bernadette Valerio
Custodian (MAS 1.0): Jason Ponce
Custodian (MAS 2.0): Victor Rivera



Dean of Student Discipline (Yale): Devon Myers 

Dean of Student Discipline (Old Coors): Bill Sharp 


In-House Substitute Teachers

In-House Substitute: Lawrence Jackson

In-House Substitute: Tre Haynes

In-House Substitute: Daniel Payan 


Intensive Student Support

New Student Assessment Coordinator: Belinda East

HS Attendance Coach/Student Behavioral Support: Tennise Lucas

School Social Worker/Homeless Liaison: Roslynn Gallegos 

Elementary Attendance & Truancy Coach/Social Worker/Homeless Liaison: Lori Granado

IEP Specialist: Shannon Richardson  

IEP Specialist: Natashya Nettleton 

Testing Coordinator/Middle School Attendance (MAS 1.0): Laura Chavez

ELL Coordinator:  Leandra Cook-Woods

Istation Intervention: Emily Smith